The following are letters and emails from people who clearly believe that the Little Theatre has an important role to play and who hope, like us, that its future can be secured. Some are reproduced in full, some are excerpts. All of the originals are available for inspection.
Sheila Jones - ex member of the Childrens Theatre

We put on many productions and it was a good training ground for those that went on to further their careers in the theatre, and many did. The same applies today. Refurbished it would encourage a lot of societies to use the theatre as not everyone wants a large venue. I was in the play that opened the theatre. So it means a lot, and I want to see it restored to it’s former glory.
– Sheila Jones
Angela Watt - Communities First

North Denbighshire Communities First (NDCF) are very happy to support the decision of Rhyl Little Theatre Ltd. to apply for capital funding to improve the infrastructure of the building and therefore enable them to continue to deliver a valuable service to the community.
The theatres all-inclusive approach helps develop confidence and self-esteem and integrates children and young people into society. They are able mix with their peers in a safe environment and to learn discipline, thought for others, team working and reliability.
The theatre is centrally positioned within the North Denbighshire Communities First cluster and offers children and young people from within the cluster a venue where they are able to express their creative ability through the media of theatre and arts. The diverse range of opportunities on offer can also enable children and young people to develop a wide range of skills which can enhance their life chances in the future which works towards the focus of Communities First work in tackling poverty.
Yours Faithfully
– Angela Watt
Prosperous Lead Officer
Communities First
Philip & Beryl Micheu - Parents of an ex member of the Childrens Theatre

As a photographer for the Liverpool Daily Post and many other publications, I photographed many of the productions at the theatre, and our daughter Jennifer appeared in a number of them. Children’s Theatre Club productions and dance festivals.
The Little Theatre is a valued amenity, and it would be a total disaster if it were to suffer the same fate as the much loved Gaiety and Coliseum Theatres.
Both my wife and I fervently hope that the marvellous purpose built Children’s Little Theatre can be renovated and modernised, in order that the many hundreds of young thespians yet to come, may enjoy and benefit from this valuable amenity !
Your most sincerely,
– Philip & Beryl Micheu
Kenneth Alan Taylor - Actor & Director

As a professional actor/ director for sixty years I am very saddened to hear that the future of the Little Theatre at Rhyl is threatened.
This theatre has served the local community for decades. It is not just a place of entertainment. The educational facilities offered to the community, especially the young people of the area, have been outstanding and a valuable addition to the area. Many deprived young people have received considerable benefits from this theatre.
I know as a professional actor I may seem biased but I consider all theatre, be it amateur or professional, to be a vital part of our society. Nothing can compare with a live production. I am still fortunate enough to write and direct pantomime each year for Nottingham Playhouse, and I know from experience the pleasure these productions bring to all ages. The same can be said of the vital work provided at the Little Theatre in Rhyl.
If this theatre was to close, Rhyl would be a much poorer town. Live theatre is essential for all towns and cities. Please let the theatre in Rhyl survive for another half century at least.
– Kenneth Alan Taylor
Mavis Dyson - British Heart Foundation

The theatre has been used by other groups to stage fundraising events for the British Heart Foundation which have been very successful. The newly refurbished rehearsal room would be ideal for meetings, fundraising events, etc, and if the rest of the building could be similarly refurbished, it would be a great asset to the town and the local community.
Our Branch is pleased to support the Rhyl Little Theatre and hope it will continue to operate.
Yours sincerely.
– Mavis Dyson
Secretary, Glan Clwyd Branch, British Heart Foundation.
JoAnne Williamson - Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council

I have known the group since 1981 when I was involved in the Children’s Theatre Group. I am now involved through my employment with DVSC.
The organisation is very effective in providing opportunities for all those interested in drama, acting, stage management and production regardless of their abilities or personal circumstances. It is all inclusive. It helps to develop confidence and self-esteem and integrates children into society. They mix with peers in a safe environment. They learn discipline, thought for others, team working and reliability. A lot of children come from deprived backgrounds and for them this is something that they can be good at, where they are equal and where their diverse upbringings can be expressed and appreciated.
Many young people have written, produced and staged their own productions here. The poet Adrian Henri (1932 – 2000) was one of the theatre clubs earliest members. Three former club members forged careers with the Royal Shakespeare Company and a fourth, Sara Sugarman, is a Hollywood film director. High profile artists have been presidents of the club including actor Richard Burton. It is the oldest established theatre group in Britain and very much part of Rhyl’s history.
The theatre is used by a number of community groups and is also home to the local operatic society. Hire charges are very reasonable and facilities are available through the day and evening. Children from a number of local schools come together in the theatre group and long standing friendships are forged. By improving the reading, writing, confidence and presentation skills of the children it increases their employment opportunities or their access to further education.

Yours faithfully
JoAnne Williamson
Partnerships, Funding Advice and Training Officer

Musical Meatballs in MIND, Bedford St. Rhyl

As a volunteer for Vale of Clwyd mind; we have used the Little Theatre on Many occasions for our Performance therapy group. It provided a platform for members of our group to perform publicly for the first time ever. The facilities are perfect for our needs but are in need of updating as the feedback we got from our audience.
The popularity that has been shown over the years shows that the community need this theatre.
The volunteers at the Theatre do an amazing job and we will continue to use the theatre for our annual shows. We are busy working with the theatre for our upcoming show in October.
– Dawn Meredith Ward (VOC MIND VOLUNTEER)
Kevin Griffiths - Rhyl Musical Theatre Company

Rhyl Little Theatre is a perfect setting for “smaller” shows, reviews and concerts. This being a much a more intimate size from an audience point of view, and much more cost effective than the Rhyl Pavilion Theatre. However, we need to book the space at least six months in advance and, knowing the state of disrepair of the roof is always a worry – we are always at the mercy of the weather. Given good management and a large cash injection to repair and refurbish the building to modern standards, the Rhyl Little Theatre would be an invaluable asset to the Rhyl Musical Theatre Company and the Rhyl Community in general.
– Kevin Griffiths. Chair.
Rhyl and District Musical Theatre Company.
Anton Benson, Anton Benson Productions Ltd

I just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you to you and your team for being so hospitable on Thursday. We really enjoyed our first visit to the Little Theatre and look forward to returning again soon. The show certainly seemed to be well received.
And should you be in a position to require a panto season, please do get in touch. We’d certainly be more than happy to come and have a conversation with you, with no obligation!
All the best, Anton
– Anton Benson, Producer
Anton Benson Productions Ltd
Ann Jones AM, Vale of Clwyd

Burbo Bank Extension Community Fund is now open to applications and you can find full details about eligibility and how you can apply for a grant on; www.grantscape.org.uk
I hope you find this information useful for your organisation.
Yours sincerely,
Ann Jones AM, Vale of Clwyd
Dr James Davies MP

It is great to see what has been achieved by your committee so far such as the new flooring, windows, lighting and meeting/rehearsal room space and I agree that the building has enormous potential. I have received feedback from different performing arts groups in the Vale of Clwyd and understand that this type of traditional theatre is a much needed facility. I have received many similar views to those expressed by yourselves as to the need for investment in the theatre. Please keep me up to date with your progress and if there is anything I can do to assist you please do not hesitate to contact me.
Yours sincerely,
Dr James Davies MP
Lyn Emerson (Mrs)-NODA Regional Representative

Rhyl Little Theatre is a fantastic venue to house both amateur and professional groups to enable them to demonstrate their talents. It is also a superb venue to accommodate many other groups which could utilise the premises, but could not afford the larger venues. I have been attached to amateur theatre for 57 years and over the past 22 years have visited many theatrical venues both large and small in my capacity as Regional Representative. With this in mind, I am conscious of the real need for smaller more affordable venues to be available for the use of the Community. I fully support the Board’s application for the refurbishment of this little gem. I have no doubt that this will benefit both local and surrounding areas.
Yours faithfully,
Lyn Emerson (Mrs)
NODA Regional Representative
Wales & Ireland District 1.