Theatre Refurbishment

January 2018

Great News for RLT

Our landlords, Denbighshire County Council, have agreed to grant us a 25 year lease!
This is a great vote of confidence for the future of the Theatre, and enables us to apply for grant funding to continue the refurbishment of the building as described in our Business Plan. Our priorities are: the repair of the remainder of the roofs; the installation of an affordable heating system; and the upgrading of the toilet facilities. This project is likely to cost in the region of £150,000.

October 2016

No more buckets on the stage!

The Fly Tower roof (over the stage) has now been similarly repaired. This marks a major step forward, in that we have at last stopped the leakage in the auditorium and stage areas, along with the consequent damp, damage to decor, and constant heat loss. This second repair has been made possible with a generous grant of £4947 from DONG Energy from their Burbo Bank Extension Community Fund.
(Total cost of repairs was £6531)

Fly Tower 1 Fly Tower 2 Burbo Bank Extension
Fly Tower 3 Fly Tower 4 GrantScape

This is a Google Earth pic of the roofs before the repairs…

Roofs - Before repair

March 2016

No more raining on the audience!

We are pleased to announce that the roof of the Auditorium and Foyer has now been fully repaired. Thanks to a generous grant of £5000 from the Rhyl Community Partnership (North Hoyle/Rhyl Flats) we have had the roof re-boarded and covered with EPDM (rubber) membrane to guarantee us many years of maintenance-free service.
(Total cost of repairs was £5787)

Auditorium 1 Auditorium 2
Auditorium 3 Auditorium 4