What We Do


  • RLTĀ is a purpose-built proscenium theatre with fly tower, lighting/sound box and a stage bigger than some in the West End. There is ample wing-space to both sides of the stage, and we can provide dressing rooms on two floors.
    The auditorium has 192 seats plusĀ places for 3 wheelchairs.
    Being uniquely equipped for “traditional theatre”, we are considered ideal for such productions by both local amateur and touring professional companies. There are two other proscenium-arch theatres each 12 miles away but neither is equipped to “fly” cloths and scenery.
    We are ideally located and equipped to cater for the large elderly population who enjoy traditional live theatre. Equally, we can cater for the younger audience with bands and rock/folk type concerts.
    Managed and run entirely by unpaid volunteers, the theatre hire fees are very reasonable. For local groups hiring the theatre it means their expenses are kept to a minimum and their ticket prices can reflect this.
    We provide community theatre at community prices.

The Rhyl Little Theatre Limited is a company limited by guarantee formed in 2001 to oversee the Rhyl Children’s Theatre Club.

There is no-one employed by the company, and we welcome volunteers to help run our theatre.

We are still providing an interesting and varied programme of events throught the year. At the same time we are committed to bringing the theatre up to date with a progressive refurbishment plan. Read more at the Theatre Refurbishment page.